Membership Benefits

  • Price: Only $10 per month. No long term commitment, cancel anytime.
  • Access to Kerri: Communicate directly with Kerri in the group.
  • Community: Communicate with like-minded people by sharing experiences and asking questions.
  • ​​Trolls Removed: Each new member is screened. Any troublemakers will be booted and banned.
  • ​Security: This is a member only program with no access by the general public. Privacy within the group is a priority. The initial group access link is changed weekly.
  • Sign Up: When signing up on this site, use your real name, address, etc. DO NOT use your real name when signing up for Telegram, use an alias instead. Your name can be changed in settings on Telegram. Go to top left icon for Settings>Edit profile and change your name. Avoid mentioning your location as far as possible.
  • ​Priority Access: As new content and programs become available you will have first in line access to add to your service.
  • ​Value: The cost of an initial consult with Kerri would pay for 1 year of membership. Try this first if you are unsure.
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